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Help - Ayuda - Ajuda

With the web browser you are using a web application called MediaWiki, that is installed at this website's server. This free tool allows several people to elaborate contents together, with great ease of organization and without having to meet at the same time.

How to browse the Wiki pages

  • The contents are organized as hypertext, this means that the texts itself have links to jump from one page to another.
  • At the left side you have the organization generic links.
  • At the top margin, at right, you have the tools to set your account information, password, language and other work preferences, and you have a button to securely finish.
  • As tabs, over this content page, you have the basic options to Edit and to make watch each page (star). If you see a Discussion tab it's a parallel page where to put comments about each different page content.

How to write in Wiki

This wiki requires to have an account (see header-right). Log in allows your contributions.
  • Contribute contents and save them without fear. There is a history record for everything, and any mistake can be ever undone. It's better to make a mistake contributing, than doing nothing.
  • At each page you can see the tab Edit, that will open the content modification box, and below of the box you will see buttons to Save/publish changes or show before how will appear.
  • The first technique to learn is to open the edit of the page and see how others do the titles, bold letters, and place everything. When doing test, you can Show preview before saving the changes.
  • To create a new page, a it must be linked from another one. For example, if we already have a page called "Fruits", you can create there a link to a nonexistent page: Apples. You only need to create the link, and once saved the Wiki will allow you to enter to write the new content:

To know much more

* You can refer issues and send questions to support